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Complete Feed Service believes the production of high quality forages can be one of the greatest variables you can control in your operation. In the production of high quality forages we highly recommend the use of inoculants to ensure proper fermentation of your haylage or silage. We also offer Silo Stop bunker covers which carry the exciting new oxygen barrier technology. Also available are Silostop gravel bags, and applicators.


***We can also test your forages for nutritional composition.***



















Based on the high-performance strain of Lactobacillus plantarum MTD1, this inoculant has been proven to work for haylage, corn silage, small grain forages and high moisture corn. It is a highly efficient producer of lactic acid and works over a wide range of pH values and temperatures. It is uniquely produced through continuous culture and is independently proven in peer-reviewed research.

In fact, MTD1 has a wider proof of animal performance benefits than any other inoculant as shown by reviews by Weinberg & Muck (1996) and Kung and Muck (1997).

Independent trials include:

  • Improved fermentation, palatability, and nutrition 200+ trials
  • Reduced fermentation trials 20+ trials
  • Extra milk production (3.0 lb milk avg.) 15 trials
Crop-N-Rich Buchneri 40788

This inoculant is designed to improve forage bunk life. The patented technology used in our formulation helps increase aerobic stability in storage and feed out in high moisture corn and corn silage. Buchneri 40788 is the only forage inoculant to carry an FDA claim that it improves aerobic stability.

Crop-N-Rich Stage 2

The next "stage" in silage fermentation technology, Stage 2 contains a unique combination of two complementary bacteria, Pediococcus pentosaceus to enhance fermentation and Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 to improve forage stability and feed out. Use Stage 2 on haylage, small grains and corn silage. Buchneri 40788 is one of the most independently researched bacteria on the market, with more than 40 peer-reviewed research papers.

Bale Champ

Bale Champ is a buffered propionic acid that aids in the preservation of baled hay. By correctly using Bale Champ, producers can safely bale hay at higher moistures with a decreased risk of spoilage.


BunkLife contains buffered propionic acid that is designed for use in total mixed rations (TMRs). It is available as a dry or liquid product.


Bufered Proionic Acid liquid preservative. Propionic acid is widely recognized as an effective and economical preservative for the control of mold growth, especially Aspergiulls molds which may produce mycotoxins.

 Si-Lo-Fame Plus® 500 CS

Enzyme and bacteria corn silage and high moisture corn additive. Contains a source of live naturally occurring bacteria. Contains a source of hemicellulase which breaks down hemicellulose, alpha-amylase which hydrolyzes starch, and cellulase which breaks down cellulose. 

Si-Lo-Fame Plus® 500 H

Enzyme and bacteria forage additive for legume and grass haylage. Contains a source of live naturally occurring bacteria. Contains a source of hemicellulase which breaks down hemicellulose, alpha-amylase which hyrolyzes starch, and cellulase which breaks down cellulose.

 Covers & Accessories:


Silostop is a patented oxygen barrier plastic used for covering silage bunkers or piles. The Silostop 2 Step consists of a clear film that creates a barrier to oxygen. This film does not contain UV protection and must be covered with a regular 5 mL plastic or reusable tarpaulin. It is the preferred method of bunker covering. Silostop 1 Step incorporates the clear film directly inot a 5 mL plastic – thus requiring only once sheet of plastic. This is the only oxygen barrier plastic with university research trial backing and has been proven to let 20 times less oxygen through, as compared to regular 5 mL plastic.

Silostop Gravel Bags

As an alternative to tires, gravel bags offer more weight and aid in creating an effective seal. Available in packs of 50, pea-sized gravel is the fill of choice.